How old will you have to be to stay at Havana Cabana?

21 at time of check-in. Bring a valid government-issued ID! 

We’ll be happy to recommend other area hotels. Give us a call at 1-305-294-5541. 

  1. As of October 1, 2024, we will only accept guests over the age of 21.
  2. We will continue to host guests under 21, including children, through September 30, 2024. You won’t be able to add them to your reservation at the time of booking, but they’re welcome to join us!

We will allow guests to modify their bookings without penalty up to and until December 1, 2024. Starting December 2, 2024, the original terms of the rate will apply. 

Just one: If you’re getting married at Havana Cabana, you can bring your kids. But only your kids. 

Our resort experience has always been about giving folks a place to let their hair down. Catering just to adults is another step toward creating the judgement-free party paradise our guests are looking for. 

Of course! We welcome well-mannered dogs of any age, as long as they weigh 50 lbs. or less. We charge a nonrefundable $75 pet fee per dog, per night. Two dogs per room, max. 


Certified service dogs that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities are welcome at the hotel and are not subject to the policies and restrictions described above. 

Hold onto your pants! Feel free to bring your skimpiest swimmers and shortest shorts, but attire is still required. 

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