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The New Year is officially upon us, and what better way to start the new year (and your vacation) than with a nice warm cup of coffee! Here in Key West we don’t just drink regular coffee, we locals usually start our day with a nice big cup of Cuban Coffee, also known as Café Con Leche. Café Con Leche is essentially a shot of Cuban espresso, steamed milk, and a few spoons of sugar. I had my first cup when I was about 15 and have drank it nearly every morning since! So, if you want to drink like a local, here are my top 3 recommended spots to grab a Cuban Coffee!

Cuban Coffee Queen
If you’ve been reading up on Key West before your trip, I’m sure Cuban Coffee Queen has popped up a few times, and for good reason! Located in the Historic Seaport, this cute and quirky shack serves one of the best cups of Café Con Leche. It’s especially a great spot to go to during those hot Key West afternoons to grab an iced café con leche. The coffee is poured over ice cubes that are also made out of coffee, so the more your ice cubes thaw out in your drink, the more coffee you get! Cuban Coffee Queen also has a great menu full of authentic Cuban cuisine to pair with your drink, check out their full menu here. Oh, and did I mention they also deliver?!

Sandy’s Café
When you’re thinking of where to grab a cup of coffee, a laundromat is probably not the first thing that pops into your head. Here in Key West however, one of the best restaurants is located right on the corner of the M&M Laundromat. With a tiny serving window, and about 10 bar stools to sit around, Sandy’s Café is a Key West staple. The Café Con Leches here come in pretty large cups, and are great for when you’re needing a bit more of a boost than usual. Although the place itself may be small, they offer a hefty menu full of breakfast, lunch and dinner items served all day. They’re also open from 7AM-12AM and deliver all over the island.

5 Brothers
A bit off the beaten path, and located in the heart of a residential neighborhood, 5 Brothers is another Key West Staple. This small one-room store has been open since 1978 and is run by one of the original owner’s sons. This grocery store/restaurant is the perfect place to grab a cup of Cuban Coffee and do a little bit of grocery shopping. The Café Con Leches here are served thick and a bit sweeter than usual. There is not much seating at 5 Brother’s however, and they offer takeaway only, so it’s a great spot when you’re looking to grab a quick cup of coffee on the go.

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