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Did you know that it’s now possible to take a day trip from Key West to Cuba? With Our Key West, a local concierge company, you can now take the 50 minute flight to Havana, and make it back in time for dinner the same day! I was lucky enough to take this trip a few months ago, and want to share what to expect if you’re planning on taking the trip! If you’d like to book this trip, or find out more information, you can contact one of our property concierges. 

The Flight
The flight to Havana is on an 8 passenger plane, and lasts no more than 50 minutes. The flight takes off at about 8AM and offers breathtaking views of the Straits of Florida and Gulf of Mexico. Although it’s a small plane, there is still plenty of room to stretch out and take a little nap before you land!

The Excursion Begins!
Once you land in Havana, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange your American money to Cuban currency right at the airport. (I recommend at least $150.) You will meet your Cuban tour guide, get settled in your air conditioned van and be on your way to your first stop!

Finca Vigia
The first stop on this trip is Ernest Hemingway’s house. This house turned museum sits on top of a hill overlooking Havana. The property is beautifully landscaped with palm trees and native flowers. The house, and everything in it is also said to be left just as Hemingway himself has left it.

After Hemingway’s house, the next stop is a little fishing village 15 minutes outside of Havana called Cojimar. This is where Hemingway would depart on his fishing expeditions, and where he docked his famous fishing boat the Pilar. This village was also Hemingway’s inspiration behind his famous book “The Old Man and the Sea.” Here you will eat lunch where Hemingway himself ate, and have a chance to drink at the bars and restaurants he frequented.

Old Town Havana
For the last reaming few hours of the trip, you get a ride to Old Havana! Here you will be able to go off on your own for 2 hours to explore the city. Or, you can stick with the travel guide as he tells you the history behind the famous buildings and landmarks. You will also have the chance to buy authentic Cuban cigars, rum and coffee. The government allows you to bring up to $400 worth of rum and cigars back, and with the most expensive rum being $13, you will be able to stock up!

Flight Back Home
Around 6PM the tour bus will start making its way back to the airport for the flight back home. You’ll once again be flying over the beautiful waters of Florida, while drinking your Cuban rum, and talking about your favorite sites with your new friends!

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