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If you’re going on vacation, chances are you’re bringing your smartphone….And if you’re anything like me, it won’t be to take calls and answer emails. It will be take beautiful, yet jealousy inducing photos to share with all your friends and followers!

With all the different social media platforms we have today, you KNOW everyone back home will be checking to see what you’re up to in Key West. So here is a list of the most Insta and Snapchat worthy spots, to guarantee likes and heart-eye emoji comments.

Mallory Square
No Key West trip is complete without capturing a photo of our beautiful sunsets. Located on the waterfront just off Duval street, the sunsets at Mallory Square are magnificent. The waterfront location of the square gives you an unobstructed view of the bright orange and pink skies for miles. Even after years of living in the Keys, Mallory Square is my favorite spot to capture the perfect sunset picture. Make sure to get there an hour before the sunset though, and catch the Sunset Celebration. You’ll have a chance to get a picture with a sword swallower, an acrobat, and an escape artist!

Southernmost Point Buoy
An absolute MUST photo op on a Key West trip is the Southernmost Point Buoy. Located on the corner of Whitehead St and South St, the anchored concrete buoy marks the southernmost point in the continental United States….well almost. “Technically” the “real” southernmost point of the continental United States is Ballast Key, a privately owned island just off of Key West..but no one back home needs to know that, right?! Located just at the end of the road, the beautifully painted buoy is accompanied by a beautiful ocean backdrop. With the buoy being such a popular attraction, be prepared to wait a few minutes in line to get your chance to take a picture.

Mile Marker 0
Located at the corner of Fleming st and Whitehead st, Mile Marker 0 marks the end (or beginning!) of the US1 Highway. Going up all the way to Maine, the US1 Highway is the longest North to South Highway in the United States. There typically isn’t much of a wait for the opportunity to get a photo here. So grab a photo by the sign to signify the end of the road, and the beginning of your adventure! And yes, you can use that as your photo caption, you’re welcome!

Home of the legendary author for 10 years, this beautiful Spanish Colonial style mansion is filled with picturesque beauty. Take a tour of the home and you’ll have a chance to snap a picture next to Ernest and Pauline’s many personal and unique artifacts. Or, step into the garden and capture a photo next to Ernest’s large and sparkling pool (the first in ground pool in Key West!) Though perhaps the most unique feature to snap a photo of here, is one of Hemingway’s many six toed cats. The cute felines are very friendly, and can often be seen laying around the garden.

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