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October is finally here, which in most other states means it’s time for Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, cozy sweaters and falling leaves. Here in Key West though October only means one thing..Fantasy Fest!
That’s right, this 10-day long party in paradise has been going on every October since 1979. Since its creation, Fantasy Fest has grown every year and is now one of the most fun adult extravaganzas around! If this is your first year attending it though, don’t worry! Here are a few great tips to follow to make sure your first Fantasy Fest will be one to remember!

1. Book your room right now
As I mentioned earlier, Fantasy Fest has been growing every year since the first ever party in 1979. It’s a huge event with an even bigger draw, and people tend to make their reservations months ahead. Don’t take the chance of trying to book a room once you’re on the island, because there is a good chance there might not be any. We have a few great offers though that you can book right now, like the Advance Purchase RateDon’t Sweat The Small Stuff package , Floridita Breakfast Package , and many more here.  Once you get your room booked, you can start thinking of what costume to wear!

2. Leave the car, take the shuttle
Thousands of people from all around the world come to participate in Fantasy Fest. There are so many people and activities in fact, that whole streets are shut down for pedestrians. Parking is also very hard to find during this time, and taxis are busy the whole night. Luckily though we offer an hourly shuttle that drops you off right near Duval! So, no need to deal with the hassle of finding parking and avoiding the thousands of people walking around, just leave your car at the hotel and hope on our shuttle to get downtown and back!

3. Keep it within the theme 
Each year Fantasy Fest has a different theme, this year the theme is “Oh the Games We Play!” Some costume ideas to go as are your favorite video game character, game show hosts, board game characters and much more! If you want to get some costume inspiration from past events, check out the official Fantasy Fest album collection here.

4. Wear something comfortable 
Although Fantasy Fest is in October, it can still be in the 80’s here in Key West, so make sure that you wear a cool costume…literally! There is also lots of walking around, so get ready for all the bar crawling in a nice pair of comfortable sneakers or flip flops.

5. Have fun and stay hydrated
With 10 days of celebrations and an event every hour, it’s hard to hit all the parties all at once! Be sure to pace yourself and drink lots of water. During the day when you’re not in Fantasy Fest mode, be sure to relax by the pool, take a little dip and rest up for the night of parties to come!

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